YOUR CONSULTANT IS Andrea Clark Geraghty

My Story

I went to the Agrifair in 2011 and met Ed Rispin, selling Scentsy products in the vendors hall.  I fell in love with the idea of having beautiful smells in my home and not having to worry about an open flame.  Being the mom of a wild, young boy, I don't burn candles anymore and I really missed the ambience and the subtle glow you get from candles.I decided to have a Basket Party and did remarkably well, making me think that this might be something I'd like to do on my own.  I'm a full-time working, single mom and I didn't have a lot of time to commit to this endeavour, but I really needed something to supplement my income since I'm a Preschool Teacher and I don't make money in the summer.  Finally, I took the plunge and joined the Scentsy Team this past August.  I am really satisfied with my decision.  I'm not the "salesperson type" but this stuff really does sell itself.  It also doesn't require a lot of stock and is really easy to do.  After less than 2 months, I'm already a Certified Consultant and I love it so much.I know you're going to love your new Scentsy products and you'll be hooked after the first whiff.<!--endbody-->